Our work

  • During the last 10 years, DP CONSULT has achieved over 20 large projects with international financing and hundreds of projects concerning the road infrastructure financed by the Romanian Government totaling services in the amount of over 8.4 million and over 1450 million in construction costs.

    We are an active partner in the Road Rehabilitation Program in Romania, having elaborated the complete design for:

    - Road Rehabilitation Works on DN17 Tureac - Sadova - Suceava as Sub-Consultant for Egis (France);;

    - Bridge Works on DN 1C and DN 17 Cluj - Dej - Tureac as Sub-Consultant for Inocsa (Spain);

    - Feasibility Study for DN 17 Dej - limit Bistrita - Nasaud/ Suceava County.

  • DP CONSULT activates as Sub-Consultant for:

    - Louis Berger (France) for Supervision Works for Road Rehabilitation, DN 15 Turda - Cuci - Tg. Mures, DN 13 Tg. Mures - Sighisoara;

    - Search Corporation (Romania) for Supervision Works for Road Rehabilitation, DN 1 Cluj-Napoca - Huedin;

    - Egis (France) for Supervision Works for Road Rehabilitation, DN 17 Tureac - Sadova - Suceava;

    - Egis (France) for Supervision Works for the Brasov - Oradea - TWB - 2B Sector highway;

    - The Arad - Timisoara - Lugoj highway.

  • Our company has developed a close relationship with most agencies, including clients such as: CNADNR, Regional Director of Roads and Bridges in Cluj, Brasov, Iasi, Cluj County Councils, Salaj, Satu Mare, Bistrita, Alba, and Local Councils Cluj-Napoca and Alba - Iulia.

    S.C. DP CONSULT S.A. has made numerous major projects included in national development programs financed by international financing institutions such as EBRD, EIB, EC - Phare and ISPA SAPHARD.

    S.C. DP CONSULT S.A. carried out detailed projects and supervision for all these programs. Activities covered by our company include all stages of business development of road design and economic evaluation planning through construction and project supervision in the rehabilitation works.

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